Pro-Series Gong


Pro-Series Gong is 10″ diameter and comes with the chains and frame to fit the Taylor Targets “Pro-Series Base” sold separately. The Pro-Series Gong is rated for .22 rimfire through big bore rifle.

Pro-Series Popper MUST be used with the Taylor Targets “Pro-Series Base”

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The Pro Series Gong is a 10” diameter target that comes with a frame and a chain to fit the Taylor Targets “Pro Series Base” (sold separately).  This target can also be used with the “Extension Set” (sold separately) to allow you to raise the height of your target to your liking. Using either of these methods in conjunction with the Pro Series Base provides a solid support for the target.  This target is to be used at 100 yards for rifles and 25 yards for handguns.  The Pro Series Gong is rated for .22 rimfire through big bore rifle (up to .30 caliber).  Please view Warning and Safety Page for specific shooting information.

Style: Pro-Series Gong
Targets: , 1- 10″ Gong, chain and Frame
Use:  .22 rimfire- Centerfire handguns/rifles caliber
Materials: Heavy-Duty AR500 Steel
UPC#: 091037687050


  1. T Maynor

    I purchased the Pro-Series Gong. We shot our 308. Remington and AR10 models. Really like the product. Chris provided excellent customer service when we called concerning a question we had. I recommend this product to all target shooters.

  2. Jbarone

    I purchased the Pro-series Gong as well and LOVE IT! I shot 308 and .556 as well as .40 S&W, .45 and 9mm at this and it holds up. I did not get the base and just stick it in the ground. I will say the chain is a little light but I only found this out when I took a friend out shooting and he hit it with his rifle (not mine). I skipped on the base it seemed made out of thin metal and thought spalling would destroy it. I think what I might do is get a 8×8 post and drill holes into it, but right now the ground does work. Grate produced and would recommend anyone thinking about buying this to do so. Good reactive target and fun for the kids and really good to work on them long shots!

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